As at November 2020

Name: Jonathan van Wyk

Nickname: Jono

Age: 31

Family: Married with 3 kids

Current job/Role? Dragline Surveyor - Yancoal, Mount Thorley Warkworth (MTW)


Career to date?
• Bachelor of Surveying completed in 2011
• Industry Scholarship Student with AbiGroup – 2007 to 2011 including 78 weeks on site
• Graduate Surveyor with Rio Tinto MTW/HVO/Kestrel UG – 2012 to 2013
• OC Mine Surveyor with Rio Tinto HVO – 2013 to 2017
• OC Dragline Surveyor with Yancoal MTW – 2017 to date

Career highlight (biggest achievement)?
• Mining Unrestricted Survey Registration (March 2020)

Career goals?
• Maintain a healthy work/life balance whilst working in a job I enjoy and one that keeps me learning.

Survey Work / People

APART from $$, what factor attracts you to work in the mining industry as opposed to other survey disciplines?

Big machines and the ability to have input into planning/engineering processes.

Would you recommend a career in surveying to a grade 12 school kid? If not, what career would you recommend?
Definitely. As long as they enjoy using the mathematical and problem-solving side of their brain as well as working outside.


What makes you happy?
Spending time with my family & friends, and being outdoors/on the water.

How do you relax?
Reading a book or a few cold beers

What sports do you play and/or watch?
Field Hockey and Waterskiing/Barefoot Waterskiing

What is your ideal retirement location?
Shoal Bay or Noosa Heads

Favourite food/drink?
A cold beer and a thick medium rare steak



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