Welcome to AIMS

Welcome to AIMS!

The Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors (AIMS) provides professional representation to government, industry and educational organisations on mine surveying issues around Australia.

AIMS has been actively supporting qualified mine surveyors, representing the industry and advocating for change for over 40 years.

AIMS assists members to maintain their competency by conducting regular Continuing Professional Development events, including seminars, webinars, interactive days and other educational events.

AIMS also hosts a major National Conference each year.

AIMS also plays a significant role in mentoring the next generation of mine surveyors.

AIMS membership is comprised of Registered and Authorised Mine Surveyors from the coal and metalliferous industries, assistant surveyors, surveying students and retired surveyors.

Membership offers many benefits and is open to all qualified mine surveyors, as well as assistants and students. AIMS also offers affiliate membership to welcome all surveying professionals throughout Australia and overseas.

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