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Corporate Membership Enquiry   AIMS Corporate Membership EOI or enquiry   AIMS Membership Coordinator
General Membership enquiry   AIMS general membership enquiry   AIMS Membership Coordinator
Sponsorship or Event enquiry   Any sponsorship or event enquiry   AIMS Event Manager
Media/Marketing enquiry   Media or marketing enquiry   Media/marketing Coordinator
Membership resignation   Membership resignation request   AIMS Membership Coordinator
AIMS Web Manager
Database removal request
  Removal request of your details in the
AIMS database (for non-members)
  AIMS Membership Coordinator
AIMS Web Manager
Financial / payment enquiry   Any enquiries relating to a payment   AIMS Treasurer
CPD Enquiry   Enquiriy relating to CPD issues   AIMS CPD Chairman
Technical issues/ site feedback   Any technical issues or feedback   AIMS Web Manager
All other enquiries   Any other general enquiries   AIMS Secretary



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