As at May 2023

Name: Grace Mulcahy
Age: 24
Family: Parents and younger brother, all back home in Victoria


Current job/Role? Mine Surveyor at Rio Tinto (Iron Ore)

Career to date?
- Survey Tech, Veris (Melbourne), 2018-2020
- Vacation Student (Survey), Evolution Mining (Lake Cowal), 2019-2020
- Graduate Surveyor, Rio Tinto Iron Ore, 2021-2023
- Mine Surveyor, Rio Tinto Iron Ore, 2023 - Present

Career highlight (biggest achievement)?
Receiving the Tim Underhill Diversity in Mine Survey scholarship!

Career goals?
I’m hoping to achieve my Authorisation here in WA, and use my skills to help guide our mine survey team for the future. I’m passionate about promoting and diversifying our profession, so I hope that one day I can be a mentor for young surveyors too. And of course I’d love to live and work overseas at some point!


APART from $$, what factor attracts you to work in the mining industry as opposed to other survey disciplines?
I think being a part of such a large, fast-moving industry challenges the mine surveyor to be innovative, collaborative and ever-evolving. Our loyalty to the principles of surveying makes our role invaluable, but it’s how we embrace the technology and adventure of mine surveying that makes our role fulfilling.

Would you recommend a career in surveying to a grade 12 school kid? If not, what career would you recommend?
Absolutely!! For one, it’s true that “we’ll always need surveyors”, but there are also few specialisations that afford you the variety of surveying.


What sports do you play and/or watch?
I play AFL in season, and enjoy hiking and snorkeling in the summer. All year round I’ll be in the garden, on my bike or trying to paint something (very poorly).

What else makes you happy?
Finding cool rocks or wildflowers

How do you relax?
It sounds counterintuitive, but I relax by listening to true crime podcasts while doing a logic puzzle or crossword.

What is your ideal retirement location?
In a big country home with a big country garden.

Favourite food/drink?
Lamb chops and Maltesers (not together), and I think my favorite drink is this Japanese lemonade-thing called Ramune.


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