RMIT School of Geospatial Science 2022 Award Night

2022 julia and numAIMS would like to congratulate Nam Huynh as the 2022 recipient of the AIMS Mine Surveying Prize, presented at the RMIT School of Geospatial Science 2022 Award Night and Gala Dinner.

The event is organised by the RMIT Geospatial Science - School of Science, involves graduates, 3rd year and final year students. The university organises various industry participants so that the students can have some exposure and mentoring to help them with decisions on their career pathways. The main sponsors were Vision Surveys, CR Kennedy, UPG, Victorian Surveyor General office and a few others.

AIMS Director Julia Reynolds attended the night representing AIMS. The AIMS Mine Surveying Prize awarded on the night was based on the following criteria:
"A Bachelor of Applied Science (Surveying) student with the best academic results in Engineering Surveying and who is most likely to excel in the practical world of mine surveying."

The prize is $1500 which AIMS pays directly to the winner.

Nam is a graduate who is now in the workforce with Position Partners and is really interested in exploring a career in Mine Surveying and seeking further guidance from AIMS. The winners award was presented by the prof Monica Wachowicz – associate Dean and Lucas Holden from the School of Geospatial science.

Pictured below: Julia Reynolds (AIMS Director) and Craig Sandy (Surveyor-General of Victoria) congratulate Nam Huynh

 julia num craig sandy  julia and num 01


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