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AIMS Scholar Jhobie Verdejo Graduates

jhobie verdejo 4The AIMS 2016 WA Curtin Uni Scholarship recipient Jhobie Verdejo has completed her Mine and Engineering Surveying degree and has now graduated.

The AIMS Board is very proud to have supported Jhobie in her studies and hopes to be able to offer more scholarships in the future to worthwhile students.  "I am delighted that I have finished my degree as an AIMS scholar recipient and continuing to a more exciting surveying life." Jhobie said in a recent letter to AIMS. "I would like to personally thank AIMS for all their generosity in assisting me with my studies".

The scholarship was developed by the Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors in conjunction with Curtin University to encourage and support students who have chosen to study a Bachelor of Science (Mine and Engineering Surveying) at Curtin University and demonstrated academic merit, wishing to pursue a career in mine and engineering surveying.

The award was presented to Jhobie by AIMS Vice-President Shane Watson in an award ceremony back in May 2016.

Shane said "We all congratulate Jhobie on finishing the course. It is great news that Jhobie has passed and is now going onto the next stage of her career."

AIMS is very happy to also report that Jhobie is now working as a Spatial Science Intern at Olympic Dam in South Australia for BHP Billiton. Well done, Jhobie!

AIMS asked Jhobie to provide some background on her university experience and the scholarship process.


jhobie verdejo 2JHOBIE VERDAJO - AIMS 2016 WA Curtin Uni Scholarship Recipient

Why did you choose to do Mine Surveying and enroll at Curtin University?
When choosing the course that I wanted to take prior to uni, my curiosity led me to Mine Surveying. I’ve always wanted a hands-on and interactive approach to learning, hence, I gave Mine Surveying a shot, and I surprisingly enjoyed it. In addition, Curtin University is the only university in Western Australia that offers a comprehensive degree in Mine and Engineering Surveying.

Describe your university experience.
I’d like to say it’s a breeze, but that would be a lie. My university experience ranged from exhilaration to unparalleled anxiety! There were countless moments where I felt exhausted from practicals, assessments and presentations. However, the assistance and experiences gained from the people I met throughout my university life made it easier to cope.

What work experience did you do during your studies and what did you learn from them?
I only did a couple of work experiences during my studies with the assistance of AIMS’ Director Brett Grocock. I worked as a mine survey assistant on a mine site in Kalgoorlie and South Australia. Although I haven’t done a lot of work experience during my studies I have learned that showing interest in this career and pursuing it with enthusiasm will bring many benefits. I gained first-hand experience with survey practices that could not have been learned within the confines of a university.

Current position and who you are working for?
Currently, I am working as a Spatial Science Intern at Olympic Dam in South Australia for BHP Billiton.

What is your overall career aspirations, where would you like to see yourself say in 5 year’s time?
Hopefully, in 5 year’s time, I will have my Mine Surveyors’ Authorisation. Also, as a payback to everyone who patiently and generously shared (and currently sharing) their surveying knowledge to me, I would like to see myself doing the same for people who have similar aspirations.

How did the AIMS Scholarship benefit you and what did it mean to you to receive it?
The AIMS Scholarship helped me in remarkable ways, from financial aspects to practical mentoring. The stipend that I received from the scholarship helped me to move from Perth to Kalgoorlie to finish my final year. In addition, through AIMS, I was able to gain experience in the Mine Surveying industry during my studies. I will always be proud and grateful to have been a beneficiary of AIMS as it opened doors of opportunity and boosted my motivation to do well in surveying.

What do you like to do to unwind or relax after a hard day at work?
Typically after a hard day at work, I usually find myself reading a book, watching a series or having a conversation with family and friends. Also, if I am at home (or if I have my own kitchen on campsite), cooking is one of my favourite pastimes to unwind.

jhobie and familyAbove: Jhobie celebrates her graduation with her family

Jhobie and Petra HemholzSenior Lecturer from School of Earth and Planetary SciencesEPSAbove: Jhobie with Petra Hemholz – Senior Lecturer from the
School of Earth and Planetary Sciences (EPS)


shane watson and jhobie
Above: Jhobie Verdejo, back in 2016, receiving her scholarship award from Shane Watkiins from AIMS


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