Review - Mt Isa 2023

Mt Isa 2023Mount Isa is uniquely placed with a working, underground tourist mine, so AIMS capitalises on this and uses the resource to conduct its annual field day. 

The event has been on hiatus since 2018, but in 2023 was back with a vengeance.

Appropriate to the size and structure of the event, six suppliers were invited to showcase some of their latest software and greatest hardware. The demonstrations were conducted both on the surface and underground with six groups spread across the six sponsors with a one-hour timeframe for each session. 

The event commenced with the usual introductions and a short summary of what the punters would expect from each supplier. This also gave us a good opportunity to introduce AIMS’ newest QLD Sub-committee Chairman, Sean Barrett. 

As always the pizza and refreshments underground at the end of the event was unique and very welcome, with some new and old yarns being told. With some recent mine incidents occurring within the region recently this provided a good platform to air any questions or concerns our members had, which was very beneficial for all attendees.

Thanks to all the suppliers and the ‘Outback at Isa’ staff for making this unique event a success.

View some images of the event and our short highlight video below.

Review from event coordinator Dave Ericson -

AIMS Mt Isa Field Day

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