BOSSI Determination - Supervision - LMC Review

BOSSIThe following information was received from the Land and Mining Committee (LMC) for the benefit of AIMS Members.

The Land and Mining Committee (LMC), in accordance with its charter, has been requested by the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information (BOSSI), to undertake a review of the document BOSSI Determination – Supervision E1.1.

The LMC, in consultation with the Training Committee (TC) and the Professional Audit and Investigation Committee (PAIC) has identified a number of matters that may benefit from further clarification in BOSSI Determination – Supervision E1.1.

The key topics of this Discussion Paper are:

  • General Supervision (Section 3.1)
  • Supervision Responsibilities (Section 3.2)
  • Site Attendance (Section 3.3)
  • Signing of Land or Mining Survey Plans (Section 3.4)

It is acknowledged that the issue of Supervision has varying impacts in the Land Survey and the Mining Survey fields, and any changes to the requirements of supervision must take this into account. Finally, this discussion paper is not proposing any change to the important principle that the supervising registered surveyor always takes full responsibility for the work of the supervised person.

Please review the discussion paper and take the time to complete the questionnaire for any feedback (a link is embedded in the document).

The closing date for feedback is the 18th March 2022.


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