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CPD FAQsFrequently asked questions and general information on all CPD issues.

[Information correct as at June 2023]

How do I get an event assessed for CPD?

Email cpd@minesurveyors.com.au or use our Contact Form, providing the event name, agenda with timings including any breaks, short abstracts of any presentations etc.

Who assesses my event?

The 2023 AIMS CPD Panel Chairman is Joel Wooby. The other committee members are Karl Harisson, Martin Leggat and Bill Hodges (confirm currency on the Key Contacts page). There can be a 1-2 week turn around for event assessment.

How do I know if an event has already been assessed for CPD?

Download the latest Event Calendar from the CPD Resources section of the Member Library.

Where can I find event attendance records for AIMS hosted events?

Download the Record of Attendance pdf from the CPD Resources section of the Member Library.

Where can I find more information about CPD?

Visit the BOSSI website at https://www.bossi.nsw.gov.au

The BOSSI Determinations and Policies page is here - https://www.bossi.nsw.gov.au/publications/determinations_policies

How do I submit my CPD return?

Download the latest CPD Return form from the AIMS Member Library | CPD Resources | Annual CPD Return. Send the completed form combined as a single pdf with proof of attendance to cpd@minesurveyors.com.au .

What is accepted as proof of attendance at a CPD event?

Sign on sheet, certificate of completion, email from host confirming attendance, signed declaration (for DM3 webinars only). Please note that registration to attend an event or screenshots of a webinar are not accepted as proof of attendance.

When do I need to submit my CPD return by?

Refer to the latest BOSSI CPD Determination - https://www.bossi.nsw.gov.au/publications/determinations_policies 


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