Mudgee 2017 Seminar Review

bathymetric boat seam surveysThe 2017 Mudgee Seminar kicked off on the Friday night (17th March) with a fabulous dinner at Mudgee Brewing Company - a fantastic start - with the presentations commencing on the following day.

Attendees had a chance to sample beer from a local brewing company with some spectacular food. There was also a huge selection of wines from the Mudgee region. Where else would you want to be?

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Saturday morning brought presentations from across the mine surveying community, with around 55 attendees.

Areas covered included information on the latest smart aero-points for UAS, a paper on one of the biggest underground metal mines with around 35,000 boreholes and mine surveying at one of the new underground coal mines in the region. Who would have believed 10 years ago that we would take a scanner in to an underground coal mine? Fantastic results were showcased of the applications of a scanner in this environment.

Surveying technology and practices are continuing to evolve to accomplish tasks faster and safer. This was demonstrated again with a presentation on the use of a remote controlled hydrographic surveying boat to conclude the seminar.

Most people were amazed by the 3D virtual reality demonstrations offered by Russell Box from UPG with the latest Trimble technology on display. It was a bit of a challenge to choose between the virtual reality 3D glasses or the mouth-watering food provided!

With lots of things on offer in Mudgee there is no doubt that many people will be looking forward to returning next year for another great seminar.

Thanks to Rob Morphew and the team from Conference Images for another very successful AIMS event.

[Reviewed by Chris Moy & Tinos Mutyiri].


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