AIMS Strategic Planning Workshop

AIMS Strategic PlanOn Saturday 16th September 2023 the annual strategic planning workshop was held for the Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors (AIMS).

A review of the current business plan, prior SWOT analysis and discussion on the strategic direction and objectives of AIMS for the forthcoming years was held. Major Focus points and the underlying Critical Success Factors were identified and actioned.

The event was attended by: Shane Watson (WA), James Sherritt (NSW), Jonathan van Wyk (NSW), Grace Mulcahy (WA), Duncan McDougal (QLD), Michael Price (NSW), Joel Wooby (NSW), Sean Barrett (QLD) and Chris Moy (Coordinator/Facilitator).

I would like to share with you our AIMS vision, mission statement and objectives for 2024 that were reviewed in the workshop.



To be the premier Mine Surveying organisation, representing all Mine Surveyors in Australia.

Mission Statement

Our organisation exists to promote and improve the science and practice of Mine Surveying.


  • To provide mentoring and guidance to our members
  • To represent the Mine Surveying community to the regulators
  • To raise the profile and sustainability of Mine Surveying
  • To provide a forum for all Mine Surveyors for professional development and networking
  • To promote diversity within the Mine Surveying profession

Our key focus areas for 2024 will be centred around:

  • Membership
  • Board structure and governance
  • Industry engagement
  • Legislation influence and impacts for our members
  • Financial goals and policies
  • Educational institution involvement and scholarships

The workshop resulted in 44 action items to support the focus areas for 2024.These are tracked & updated in our board meetings.

The workshop provided a good reset for what we need to achieve in 2024 and I would like to thank Chris Moy for facilitating and offering up his extensive previous experience with AIMS.

James SherrittAIMS President

2023 Strategic Planning Meeting

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