New AIMS Nominee to BOSSI

Pete SergeantAIMS are very pleased to advise that Pete Sergeant is the new AIMS representative for BOSSI.

Following a call for expression of interest and a selection process, Pete has been accepted by the NSW Minister for Customer Service and Digital Government as AIMS’ representative on the Board of Surveyors and Spatial Information (BOSSI) for a 2-year term, commencing from 10th November 2023.

On behalf of the AIMS membership, the AIMS Board would also like to pass on its sincere appreciation to Nic Tucker for his time as AIMS nominee to BOSSI over the past two years. Nic recently completed his term on the Board and has stood down to focus on his new role within Peabody. We are grateful for what Nic has been able to achieve in the BOSSI role over this period and are pleased that Nic will be retaining a key role with BOSSI as a mining surveyor examiner.

Pete will continue to build upon the work of Nic and other past AIMS nominees to BOSSI in advocating for better regulation in the interests of mining surveyors.

Pete has over 25 years of experience as a surveyor and has been a member of AIMS since 2001, he has also filled roles on the AIMS CPD Committee, NSW Committee, as AIMS Secretary and as a Director of AIMS. Pete has been a Mining Surveyor Examiner for BOSSI since 2011.



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