AUSPOS data submissions made easier

nsw govtAUSPOS data submissions will soon be directed to contact SCIMS through a new, user-friendly Customer Hub.

AIMS recently received the following information from DCS Spatial Services in relation to this new hub for the benefit of members.

The Customer Hub has been live since May 2021 to submit Preservation of Survey Infrastructure (POSI) applications, trig station approvals, project data submissions, exemption applications and regulation approvals.

Submitting AUPOS reports, and GNSS data helps to manage Permanent Survey Marks in SCIMS and the State Survey Control Network. We have provided a service for the submission of this data and transitioning this service to the Customer Hub is the next stage. Please note that this service is not an AUPOS online processing service – this is provided by Geoscience Australia and can be accessed via the following link:

The Customer Hub is designed to better facilitate, track, manage and streamline your requests. Submissions submitted through the Customer Hub will raise a ticket so you can monitor and track the status of your application as it is processed.

Access to the Customer Hub is free, however, users are required to create an account and individual user profile using a one-time username and password.

The Customer Hub includes:

  • A single platform for customers to submit a submission, application, or approval request.
  • An improved user experience featuring a modern, user-friendly interface.
  • Real-time tracking where the status of any application can be viewed.
  • Enhanced security delivered through a robust and secure infrastructure.
  • User support with a comprehensive guide and frequently asked question responses.

The Customer Hub can be accessed via the link below.

DCS Spatial Services is committed to providing excellent customer service and continuously looks for ways to improve. For the latest news from DCS Spatial Services, visit our website

Getting in touch with the SCIMS team is easy:
Phone: 1300 211 253


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