2021 AIMS AGM Results in Board Shuffle

ChangesThe 2021 AIMS AGM, held via a live zoom meeting on 16th November 2021, resulted in a few key changes to the AIMS Board and other key volunteers.

Our Vice-President Mick Harris decided that it was time to step aside and to (once again) allow some room on the Board for some fresh talent to get involved. Mick's commitment to AIMS over many years has been outstanding and he continues to influence the organisation as both a mentor and tireless advocate. 

"I thank all those on the executive past, present and future that have and will continue to make AIMS the premier mine surveying organisation in the country", Mick said in his final report as Vice-President.

"The addition of increased energy, new ideas from the next generation together with the experience of longer term leaders and Survey Board Representatives is exciting to be around and I wish them every success for the future." said Mick.

The vacancy as Vice-President has now been filled by James Sherritt after several busy and productive years working in the Treasurer role for AIMS. That huge and important AIMS role is now being covered by newcomer John Macpherson, currently working as a survey manager with Seam Surveys. John's extensive experience and skills in financial management will be invaluable and we welcome him on board in this crucial executive role.

Special thanks also needs to be given to Tinos Mutyiri, our long-term Membership Coordinator, another role which can also take up some significant time and effort. His role is now being undertaken by Dan Ward, a well-known and multi-talented 'ideas man' with some great initiatives in mind for the AIMS members. Welcome Dan!

Another big change is the stepping back of Chris Moy involvement in AIMS. Chris's long involvement in AIMS has been nothing short of outstanding, but he is not totally out of the picture just yet, still maintaining an active role as part of the 'Audit and Risk Committee' and of course will no doubt be consulted occasionally when anyone wants a speedy and informed opinion they can always rely on.

Our current President Shane Watson said this of Chris; "I would like to make a special mention and thank you to Chris Moy who even though he has resigned as a director he continues to support us in the background on many fronts, his tireless efforts do not go unnoticed and has been an integral part of our organisation for many years."

We also welcome in Nicolas Tucker in the role as NSW BOSSI representative, taking over that role from Dan Cherry, another key member that has shown unrelenting dedication to AIMS over the years.

And finally a big welcome to Michael Price, our new NSW sub-committee chairman, his knowledge and enthusiasm will be a great asset to the team.

Great to see some fresh changes across the spectrum of AIMS volunteers and we all look forward to providing another successful and productive year ahead for all AIMS Members.


johnmacpherson nicolas tucker 150x200 Dan Ward Micahel Price
John Macpherson
Nicolas Tucker
 Dan Ward
Michael Price



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