2020 Young Mine Surveyor of the Year

matt jonesThis year we received a couple of nominations for Young Mine Surveyor of the Year award and unfortunately no nominations for Mine Surveyor of the Year award.

I would like to thank Dan Ward, Chris Moy and Quentin Albertyn for their help in the selection and evaluation process.

I am happy to announce that the 2020 Young Mine Surveyor of the Year award goes to Matt Jones from Western Australia. Congratulations to Matt.

Matt is a motivated and passionate Senior Surveyor currently working for Evolution Mining in Kalgoorlie. He graduated from Curtin University's School of Mines in 2012 and has worked across a variety of mining operations.

Matt has experience in a broad range of the latest industry leading equipment, software and methodologies and thrives on seeking out and developing improvement opportunities to deliver quality results. He is the holder of a Grade 1 Authorisation in Western Australia, RPAS certification, as well as qualifications in GIS.

Matt is one of the younger authorised mining surveyors in the industry. He has built a solid team of surveyors with a range of experiences, from traineeships to nominees for authorisation. He provides the experience and oversight, they require to become competent surveyors as he allows them to project manage their own work, resurveys, data processing, and project delivery from start to finish.

Matt and his team have shown a willingness to take on new technology, adapt to new principles and then refine them for their own purposes. No one achieves anything in mining alone and Matt has always shown a willingness to listen, challenge and work with advice given.

Matt is a surveyor’s surveyor. He is always well presented; his data is neat and tidy and well organised. He invests time in his subordinates to ensure that they will also work to a high standard.

Matt has selflessly shared learnings and workflows, for example the adaption of Hovermap data into Deswik. The amount of time and effort that he has put in to answer phone calls, guide people through principles of project delivery and the pit falls of the technology has been astounding. The adaption of the Hovermap technology and integration with Deswik is class leading.

Again, I would like to congratulate Matt for being our 2020 Young Surveyor of the Year.

Shane Watson
AIMS President



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