AIMS Board Changes Announced

Jonathan van WykAIMS has held their 2020 Annual General Meeting on 19th November 2020 as a live Zoom meeting which has resulted in several Executive Board changes.

In summary the changes, effective immediately, are:

  • Mario Fantin, AIMS Director for 10 years and the former AIMS President for the last four years, has now stepped down from both those roles, however he will remain as a valuable member of the NSW sub-committee 
  • Shane Watson, former AIMS Vice-President, has been voted in unopposed as the new AIMS President
  • Mick Harris, former AIMS Secretary, has stepped down from that role but continues his AIMS involvement as the new AIMS Vice-President
  • Jonathan van Wyk (pictured) has been voted in as the new AIMS Secretary - congratulations Jonathan!
  • Chris Moy has stepped down off the board after an amazing effort representing AIMS on the BOSSI Board for over 10 years

We make special thanks to Mario and Chris for there fantastic volunteer efforts over the years for AIMS and wish them both well.

We also asked Jonathan, by way of introduction, to complete a short bio - meet Jonathan van Wyk here - good luck in your new role Jonathan!

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