BOSSI Restoration to the Register

bossi180Surveyors who have been removed from the register and wish to be restored to the register need to submit the following information to the Board:

1. Completed Application for restoration to the register of surveyors in NSW form (available on BOSSI website at )
2. Two passport size photographs if a new identification card is required
3. Evidence of CPD compliance for the year removed or evidence of CPD undertaken prior to the application (acceptable evidence includes certificates issued by ratified organisations, or attendance certificates)
4. Payment of restoration fee (Restoration Fee is $405 for 2017/2018)
5. Payment of annual roll fee

Applicants may be required to attend an interview with a Board member depending upon length of time they have been off the register and the discovery of any outstanding issues from previous registration.

BOSSI Contact Details
The BOSSI Office can be contacted as below:
P: PO Box 143 BATHURST NSW 2795
T: (02) 6332 8238

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