Vent shaft hazard monitoring at CMOC Northparkes mine

Intake looking south 180Hear Linda Snyman, Senior Operations Geotechnical Engineer, CMOC Northparkes Mines, describe how they conduct annual scans of a 560 m intake vent and conduct change detection analysis to assess the rate of self-mining in a failed lower section.

CMOC’s Northparkes block cave mine is recognised as one of the world’s most automated operations. Planned expansion underground required new intake and exhaust vent raises, which failed in the lower sections shortly after raise boring was complete. CMOC needed accurate data on the condition of the raises so they could develop remediation or contingency plans. Cage-mounted Hovermap was lowered 560 m down the intake shaft, capturing detailed geotechnical data of the deformation and areas of failure.

Hovermap is also used to scan other below or on surface infrastructure: Excavation sites, pump station or crusher chamber, measure pipelines and check pipeline hookings, and drives for deformation as well.

Learn about Hovermap and its applications for underground mining on the Emesent website.

Watch the 30 min webinar

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