CPD Update - March 2023

CPD UpdateHere is the March 2023 CPD update for members from the AIMS CPD Panel Chairman.

In November 2022, BOSSI released Edition 12 of the CPD Determination. The key change in relation to CPD returns is that ‘Registered surveyors must submit the evidence required for CPD assessment to ratified organisations by 1 July each year. This is to provide ratified organisations with sufficient time to complete the actions required to supply CPD Summary Reports to support the registration renewal process.

For further information on this, you should have received the March 2023 BOSSI Communique email, which details this change.

Could all members please assist the AIMS CPD Committee by supplying your 2022-23 CPD return by the 1st July 2023.

This will ensure that your CPD certificate will be issued by the BOSSI Registration Renewal date. Members can download the CPD return form from the new CPD section of the AIMS website and should be sent as a single pdf file including evidence of attendance at events to the AIMS Panel Chairman.

Non-members may request the CPD Return form using the AIMS Panel Chairman contact form.  

The new CPD section of the AIMS website also has a list of assessed CPD events, attendance records for AIMS run events and a FAQ section, which details what will be accepted as evidence of attendance.

CPD certificates are issued free to AIMS members, non-members will be invoiced a fee of $100.

For those still chasing points for 2022-23, AIMS is hosting the Mudgee Seminar this Friday 10th March, and the Newcastle Seminar on 12th May, both within this CPD period. Alternatively, any relevant training or other possible events can be emailed for assessment using the AIMS Panel Chairman contact form.

Always view the latest information on all upcoming AIMS events on the AIMS Events Calendar.

Joel Wooby
AIMS CPD Panel Chairman
March 2023

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