Removal Request

If you would like your contact details to be completely removed from our database, please send your details using the link below.

As a minimum we will need your name and the email address currently on record to process your request.

If possible the request should be sent from the actual email address we have on record, otherwise we may require confirmation.

Removal from our database will mean you will no longer receive ANY further communication from AIMS sent from our server, ie newsletters, event notices, membership emails etc.

Your request will be manually processed as soon as practicable.


Sponsors Coupon Code

Employees of AIMS Sponsors are often entitled to discounts on AIMS events (subject to AIMS Board approval).

Generally, this requires using a valid "Coupon Code" when registering and paying for an upcoming event.

If your company is an AIMS Sponsor and you require a Sponsors Coupon Code, please send an email request to our Events Manager:

Dean Kerr,
AIMS Event Manager

Email: events@minesurveyors.com.au







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