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maptek forge june 2021Maptek sensing systems are extremely safe and easy to use, collecting mining or large civil project data and feeding results and reports to downstream consumers.

Maptek has been providing mining dedicated laser scanners dedicated to mining since 2004, with many early models still in field use. Over the years the versatile vehicle mount and subsequent continuous Maptek Drive mobile solution have built on this foundation of trusted, survey-grade acquisition sensors for mining.

Drone technology and autonomous data capture have a role to play, but terrestrial laser scanners remain the most popular method for capturing high accuracy survey data.

The mining industry is eyeing developments around multiple smaller sensors on equipment. Streaming output to the Maptek terrain data management system will enable continuous, dynamic topographic updates to provide a live model of a mine.

The July 2021 mine measurement release from Maptek enhances user experience and outcomes through improved range, imagery clarity and quality, and speed of data acquisition.

Developing hardware alongside purpose-built processing software allows users to dynamically interact with data acquired in the field, and ensures that resource, recovery and conformance reporting quickly flows through to guide planning and production teams.

Key Points

  • New XR3-D mkII laser scanner captures data from dual windows, halving the scanning time for supremely efficient scanning from the safety of vehicle
  • R3 mkII laser scanners deliver improved range, image quality and speed of scan acquisition for survey tasks at mines and large civil projects
  • FieldHHC combines a powerful, simple GUI with impressive, intuitive functionality to streamline user workflow








Listening to user feedback and research into the latest sensing technologies has resulted in a raft of new and improved tools for automated mine measurement.

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