Kiruna Mine Case Study - Fall of Ground Inspections

emesent kiruna case studyOn 17 May, 2020, the LKAB Kiruna Mine in Sweden experienced a seismic event that resulted in significant fall of ground, deep within the site. The iron-ore mine was immediately closed and mine managers began determining how best to assess the damage.

emesent kiruna case study downloadThe damage was catastrophic and capturing data for the evaluation of the damaged areas across the mine site would have taken weeks, or maybe months. However, with the help of geodata specialist AMVKO and Hovermap, LKAB had accurate data of the damaged areas within a few days after being able to enter the mine.

This meant they were able to start planning remedial works within weeks of the seismic event. 

Learn about Hovermap and its applications for underground mining on the Emesent website.

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