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BOSSI CPD Determination Changes

bossi180At the February BOSSI meeting it was agreed to make some changes to the Board determinations.

CPD Determination changes

  • 100% audit for year ending June 2019
  • Requirement for a CPD Summary Report
  • Clarification on professional associations that accrue points for membership
  • Acknowledgement that participation in student careers events attract points
  • Mechanism for gaining full points for watching a non-interactive internet-based activity
  • Ability to supply the Board with a compliant CPD Summary Report at any stage throughout the year provided it has sufficient points for the period.

An addition point for consideration is that the Board is going to enforce the closing date of the 31st July for consideration of applications for conditional compliance as stated in the determination.

Combined Determination changes

  • Where a surveyor has a restricted registration a mechanism has been introduced to allow the individual to sit an oral assessment to remove the restriction

Both amended determinations will be available from the BOSSI website soon

Should you require additional information or clarification please contact the Registrar or Chris Moy.

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