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BOSSI Report August 2017

bossi180The BOSSI Report for August 2017 includes information on registration renewals, CPD compliance & audit, annual registration certificates and more.

Registration Renewal Reminder

All registered surveyors would have received invitations to renew their registration for 2017/2018 in the mail last month. If you have not received an invitation to renew your registration, please contact the BOSSI Office as soon as possible.

If you are intending to renew your registration for 2017/2018 please forward your payment to BOSSI by 31 August 2017 or your name will be removed from the register of surveyors for non-payment of fees as described in clause 10A (1) of the Surveying and Spatial Information Act 2002.

The easiest way to make your payment and also provides a reduction in fees is to go online and use our online payment facility on the BOSSI website, . It will accept payment by Visa or Master Card. You will also be asked that you certify that you have met the annual CPD requirements and your Registered Surveyor ID number.

ID numbers can be found on your Registered Surveyor Identification Card. If you have lost your Registered Surveyor Identification Card, please give the BOSSI Office a ring to have a replacement sent out.

Alternatively, payment of Fees by post can be made via cheque or money order. Please remember to fill out and include the green form which came with your renewal invitation if paying by post. Green form is not required if paying online.

CPD Compliance & Audit

As part of renewing their registration, every registered surveyor must certify that they have complied with CPD requirements for 2016/2017. This can be done as part of the online payment system or by posting in a completed green form as mentioned above.

In September 2017, BOSSI will undertake an audit of approximately 30% of registered surveyors to check that they have acquired at least the minimum amount of CPD points (15 in total, 3 Cadastral, 12 Survey Practice) for the year as per BOSSI’s CPD Policy. (policy can be found on BOSSI’s website). Registered surveyors will be chosen randomly for audit and will be notified by letter in early September.

If you have been chosen for the audit you will need to send in proof to substantiate that you have obtained the minimum amount of CPD points for 2016/2017. This can be as simple as providing a copy of a CPD compliance certificate from one of the ratifying organisations (ISNSW, ACSNSW, SSSI, AIMS & University of Newcastle). If you don’t have a certificate, we will accept attendance certificates for events you have attended. Other documentation such as receipts, programs, name tags, etc. will not be accepted and you will be directed to a ratified organisation to have that event assessed.

If you have not acquired enough points for 2016/2017, you can apply to BOSSI for a conditional compliance, where you will be required to make up the shortfall in 2017/2018 and will be audited next year, or an exemption depending upon your supporting circumstance. If you are short of points please send a letter to BOSSI detailing the points you are short and any circumstances which occurred that stopped you from gaining the points required. Also include in your letter any supporting documentation for any CPD you were able to acquire in the year.

Sometimes BOSSI’s determinations on CPD conditional compliance or exemption may occur after August 31st. It is therefore recommended that you still get your payment in before August 31st so your name does not get removed from the register for non-payment even though your CPD compliance is still being considered by BOSSI.

Annual Registration Certificates

Once again, Annual Registration Certificates, certifying that the registered surveyor named on the certificate has satisfied the requirements for registration for 2017-2018, will be sent out via email in early October 2017. It is therefore recommended that you notify BOSSI of any change of details to ensure that you receive your Certificate and other important notices that are occasionally sent out. To update or confirm your details please complete and return a Surveyor change of contact details form which is available on the BOSSI website. This can be returned by email or by post.

Voluntary Removal and Meritorious Surveyor

A registered surveyor may at any time voluntarily have their name removed from the register. If you no longer wish to remain on the Register, the Act requires that you write to the Board and request removal from the Register.

If you decide after being removed from the register that you would like to be restored to the register, you will be required to complete an application for restoration to the register of surveyors in NSW form and pay a restoration fee and the annual registration fee. Depending on how long you have been off the register and if you have kept your skills as a registered surveyor current, you may be required to attend an interview with the Board to prove your case to be restored to the register.

Registered Surveyors who voluntarily remove themselves from the register and have been registered for 25 or more years will be offered Meritorious Surveyor Status as recognition for their involvement in the profession. Meritorious Surveyor Status allows you to stay on the register as a non-practising surveyor. Meritorious Surveyor Status will be determined by BOSSI on a case by case basis when letters for voluntary removal are received.

BOSSI Contact Details

The BOSSI Office can be contacted as below:
P: PO Box 143 BATHURST NSW 2795
T: (02) 6332 8238

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