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UAVAIR Conducting Aerial Surveying Courses

uavairUAVAIR are offering a course called Foundations of Aerial Surveying, in which you will learn to use the revolutionary product from PropellerAero – AeroPoints – ground control points (GCPs) with built in GPS to collect accurate positional data in conjunction with Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) photography.

UAVAIR is a joint venture between Basair, Australia’s largest flying school, and Airsight Australia the most advanced commercial drone operators in Australia.

RPAS are used to conduct aerial surveying and in most cases GCPs are needed to relate the data to a coordinate reference framework. Establishment and marking of GCPs is usually carried out by a surveyor with survey grade GPS equipment. AeroPoints simplify this process by providing an all in one marking and measuring solution.

UAVAIR will commence the course with basic aerial survey theory and applications of RPAS mapping. Students will learn how to plan and fly RPAS over a site to record imagery suitable for mapping, using AeroPoints to establish position and elevation. Project data will be processed on the Propeller cloud based platform and students will be taught to interpret and quality and data outputs. Finally, students will shown the analytic and reporting tools available inside the Propeller platform.

The course is suited to surveyors, RPAS operators, engineers, scientists or anyone required to produce spatial information

For full details of this course please visit the following website: