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Tri-State MOU signed!

After many years of meetings and negotiations, the 3 regulatory surveying boards for Mine Surveyors in Queensland (SBQ), New South Wales (BOSSI) and Western Australia (MSB), have signed the Memorandum of Understanding regarding the mutual recognition of Mine Surveyors between the states.

This is a milestone that has never been reached before and a great result for Mine Surveyors throughout Australia. Now, Authorised and Registered Surveyors from each of the 3 states can now work in their field of expertise in any of the other states without any restriction (apart from their grade or level of registration).

A huge effort from AIMS representatives on the 3 boards and many other members, has assisted the individual Boards to make a positive decision regarding the acceptance of registration/authorisation of mine surveyors in other States.

If any Mine Surveyor wishes to work in another State it is recommended that they approach their current and future state regulatory boards’ directly for information regarding mutual recognition applications.

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