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BOSSI Report June 2015

The June 2015 Report from BOSSI, including information on registration renewals, CPD compliance, Candidate enrolments, recent changes to BOSSI Determinations and Policies and Presentations of Certificates of Competency.

Registration Renewals

Registration Renewals for the year 2015/16 will commence as of 1 July 2015 for Registered Land and Mining Surveyors.  Invitations to renewal will be posted to all registered surveyors at the end of June for arrival on or close to the 1 July.

Invitations will be posted using the postal address recorded in the BOSSI Database.  If your address has changed you should notify BOSSI by completing the ‘Surveyor notification form for service of notices’ which is available from the BOSSI website,, in the Forms section under the Publications Tab.  Change of address should be notified to BOSSI by 23 June to ensure invitation to renewal is sent to the correct address.

The online payment facility on the BOSSI website will be opened for registration renewals on 1 July 2015.  This option provides a reduction of fees.  Alternatively, payment of Fees by post via cheque or money order can be made.  No payments will be accepted before 1 July.

Registered surveyors are required to have their registration renewal payments made before or on 31 August 2015, otherwise BOSSI must remove the surveyor from the register as per clause 10A of the Surveying and Spatial Information Act 2002.  BOSSI cannot provide any exceptions to this date.

If you are not planning to renewal your registration for 2015/16 for any reason, it is appreciated if you could notify BOSSI in writing of your intentions before 31 August 2014.

Surveyors who ask to be removed from the register and have been registered for 25 years or greater will be offered Meritorious Status in recognition of their long service and contribution to the surveying profession in NSW.

CPD Compliance

At the time of registration renewal each surveyor will be asked to certify that they have complied with the Board’s CPD requirements for renewal of registration and have gained the required CPD points for the year 2014/2015.  Surveyors are able to provide this certification via the online payment facility or completing the form attached to the invitation to renewal.

Minimum CPD Points required to be gained for the 2013/2014 CPD year are:

Registered Land Surveyor

3 NSW Cadastral CPD Points

12 Survey Practice CPD Points

Registered Mining Surveyor

3 NSW Mining Surveying CPD Points

12 Survey Practice CPD Points

Registered Land & Mining Surveyors

3 NSW Cadastral CPD Points

3 Mining Surveying CPD Points

9 Survey Practice CPD Points

If surveyors know they are short of CPD points for the 2014/2015 CPD Year, it is recommended that they make an application in writing to BOSSI for an extension before June 30.  If approved BOSSI will require the surveyor to make up the shortfall in 2015/2016 and will be placed on the CPD Audit in 2016.

Surveyors who are to be audited in 2015 for CPD will be notified by letter after 31 August 2015.  To comply with the audit, the surveyor will either be required to submit a certificate from one of the Ratified CPD Organisation certifying that you have met the Board’s CPD requirements for 2014/2015 or submit evidence such as attendance certificates or sign on sheets for each individual event attended to prove you have gained the required CPD points for the 2014/2015 CPD Year.  Ratified CPD Organisations include the Institution of Surveyors NSW, the Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW, the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute, the Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors, and the University of Newcastle.

Candidate Enrolments

Candidates will be required to make payment of their annual enrolment fee for 2015/2016 from 1 July 2015 onwards.  This may be done via the online payment facility available on the BOSSI website or by post via cheque or money order.  Candidates are also reminded that they must provide notice of the practical experience they have undertaken every 12 months or when they change supervising surveyors.  Notice of practical experience should be submitted on the ‘Candidate surveyors notice of practical experience obtained form’ available from the BOSSI website in the Forms section under the Publications Tab.

Recent Changes to BOSSI Determinations and Policies

At BOSSI’s last meeting the following revised determinations and policies were approved:

  • BOSSI CPD Determination – Edition 7
  • BOSSI Policy for the Consideration of Complaints against Surveyors – Edition 3
  • Surveyor General’s Direction No 11 Preservation of Survey Infrastructure

These documents will be posted on the Board’s website very soon.

Changes to the CPD Determination include:

  • CPD Audit letters to be sent to surveyors after payment period is closed on 31 August.
  • Evidence acceptable to prove compliance with CPD will only include:
  • Certificate from a ratified organisation for the CPD year.
  • Attendance certificates for separate CPD activities which have been assessed by a ratified organisation.
  • Sign on sheets from separate CPD activities which have been assessed by a ratified organisation.
  • Receipt or name tag and a copy of the program for the CPD activity and a report detailing the learning outcomes achieved.
  • All CPD activities are to be assessed by a ratified organisation.
  • A maximum of 1 specialty and 2 survey practice can be claimed each year for supervising an enrolled financial candidate irrespective of the number of candidate surveyors being supervised.
  • A surveyor wishing to be restored to the register will need to submit evidence of compliance with CPD for the year they were removed or will need to undertake the required CPD activities before being restored to the register.

Changes to the Policy for the Consideration of Complaints against Surveyors has mainly involved some small changes to procedure as the result of investigation training undertaken by BOSSI investigators.

Surveyor General’s Direction No 11 has been updated as part of BOSSI/LPI’s program of reviewing and updating the Surveyor General’s Directions to ensure details contained within are up to date and correct.  This has mainly involved ensuring contact details are correct and the updating of the example plan to a more recent plan.  Authority to replace survey works has been slightly modified to allow public authority surveyors to replace bench marks and permanent survey marks which are not related to property boundaries.

Presentation of Certificates of Competency

Certificates of Competency were presented to successful candidate surveyors at a presentation held at the ISNSW Office on 24 April 2015.  Successful candidates presented with their certificates on the day included:

  • John Herdegen (Land)
  • Benjamin Jackson (Land)
  • Michael Kadziela (Land)
  • Adam Richardson (Land)
  • Justin Smith (Mining)
  • Scott Ware (Land)
  • Nathan Williams (Mining)
  • Lachlan Young (Land)

The following candidates have also received certificates of competency but were unable to attend the presentation on the day:

  • Anthony Grace (Land)
  • Joanne Hawkes (Land)
  • Simon Lewis (Land)

Back Row: Scott Ware, Michael Kadziela, Adam Richardson, Nathan Williams

Front Row: Justin Smith, Benjamin Jackson, Lachlan Young, John Herdegen

BOSSI Contact Details

The BOSSI Office can be contacted as below:

P: PO Box 143 BATHURST NSW 2795

T: (02) 6332 8238

F: (02) 6332 8240


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