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BOSSI Report July 2015

The July 2015 Report from BOSSI includes information relating to Registration Renewal Fees and CPD Audit.


Registration Renewal Fees

Registration Renewals for the year 2015/16 will commence as of 1 July 2015 for Registered Land and Mining Surveyors.  As per previous years fees have been increased by CPI and have been set for 2015/2016 as stated below:




(Cheque or Money Order)

Land Surveyor NSW Registration



Land Surveyor NSW/ACT Registration



Mining Surveyor NSW Registration



Land and Mining Surveyor NSW Registration



Land and Mining Surveyor NSW/ACT Registration

(Only Land Registration in ACT)



Candidate Surveyor Enrolment




Payments are required to be made before or on 31 August 2015, otherwise you will be removed from the register.

If removed, the process to be restored to the register will involve:

1.       Completing the ‘Application for restoration to the register of surveyors in NSW’ form

2.       Submitting proof of compliance with CPD for the 2014/2015 CPD Year (e.g. certificate from ratified organisation)

3.       Payment of restoration fee – set at $385 for 2015/2016

4.       Payment of annual registration fee as stated above

5.       Passport photos may be provided if you require a new identification card

CPD Audit

Please note that audit notification letters will not be sent out till after 31 August 2015.  Therefore no CPD documentation is required to be submitted at payment time and will be returned.

During payment you will be asked to certify that you have complied with CPD for 2014/2015.  If making payment online, you will be prompted on screen to make that certification before being able to make a payment.  Therefore if making payment online no other correspondence is required to be sent to BOSSI.  If making payment by post (cheque or money order), you will also be required to complete and return the CPD Certification Form which will be enclosed with your renewal letter (yellow piece of paper).

After 31 August 2015 as per previous years approximately 20% of all registered surveyors will be randomly notified to take part in the audit.  If chosen you will be required to then submit evidence to BOSSI to prove that you have complied with CPD requirements for 2014/2015.  As per the new CPD Determination, the only evidence which will be acceptable is a certificate from a ratified organisation or attendance certificates or sign on sheets for each individual event.

BOSSI is no longer able to provide event or personal assessments, these are required to be undertaken by one of the ratified organisations.  The five ratified organisations include:

·         Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors (AIMS)

·         Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW (ACSNSW)

·         Institution of Surveyors NSW (ISNSW)

·         Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI)

·         University of Newcastle

BOSSI will not be accepting any other documentation besides what is stated above.  Unacceptable documentation will be returned and the surveyor will be directed to make contact with one of the ratified organisations to have their documentation assess.

BOSSI Contact Details

The BOSSI Office can be contacted as below:

P: PO Box 143 BATHURST NSW 2795

T: (02) 6332 8238

F: (02) 6332 8240


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