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I-Site Sales Consultant wins 2017 Emerging Leader Award

maptek emerging leaderMaptek’s Jordan Herrmann has won the Emerging Leader category in the inaugural Australia’s Mining Monthly awards announced in the February issue of the Aspermont publication.

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SMIC News November 2016

SMIC News Issue 47SMIC news including info on the 155th General Meeting, NSW Surveying Taskforce, Industry Reports, Surveying Education Reports, Surveying and SSIS Traineeships and the SMIC Training and Scholarship Program.

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Appointment of NSW Surveyor General

Narelle Underwood2 September 2016
NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation Secretary, Martin Hoffman, today announced the appointment of Narelle Underwood as the NSW Surveyor General.

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New mobile 3D scanning integration

deswick uGPS Rapid Mapper 180x160Brisbane, QLD, Australia – Deswik announces today the inclusion of new mobile 3D scanning tools in its upcoming software release, version 2016.2.

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SBQ Info - August 2016

sbq 180x160Latest info from the Surveyors Board of Queensland of interest to surveying graduates, including GNSS equipment and software access and evidence of progression.

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SMIC News August 2016

smic news august 2016SMIC News Issue 46 August 2016 including info on the 28th AGM, 154th General Meeting, retirement of Paul Harcombe, industry reports, surveying and education reports and surveying and SIS traineeships.

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SMIC News June 2016

smic news june 2016SMIC News Issue 45 June 2016 including info on the 153rd General Meeting, SMIC Training Scholarship, Industry Reports, Surveying and Education Reports and Surveying and SIS Traineeships.

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BOSSI Report June 2016

bossi report june 2016aThe June 2016 BOSSI Report includes information on registration renewals, CPD compliance, candidate enrolments and presentation of Certificates of Competency.

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Dragline Excavation Prototype Develops 3D Vision

Global mining technology company MineWare continues to lead the way in dragline mining innovation, recently completing stage one of its ACARP project in collaboration with CRCMining and the University of Queensland.

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DESWIK Launches New Survey Functionality


Deswik has announced the launch of new survey functionality with their latest software release, Deswik.Suite 2016.1. Integrating seamlessly with Leica instruments, Deswik.CAD now features in-built survey functions commonly used by underground surveyors internationally.

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