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A Reflection on Technology Evolution

garry macphailGarry MacPhail, Geospatial Executive Manager for Position Partners, reflects on technology evolution in the last two decades and its effect on the survey profession today and beyond.

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Proximity Detection and Collision Awareness Technology

dozers180x160According to Safe Work Australia, the mining industry has seen a 51% increase in the number of serious claims for disease and injury between 2000-01 and 2013-14. Proximity detection and collision awareness systems are the kind of safe guards that mine operators can implement to reduce accidents, keep track of machine movements and mitigate risk across the site.

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AIMS Announces 2020 Gender Diversity Scholarship

aims gender diversity scholarship 180AIMS has collaborated with Glencore to create a gender diversity scholarship in 2020 called the "Glencore-Tim Underhill Gender Diversity Scholarship in Mine Surveying". Both Glencore and AIMS recognise the benefits of increasing representation and retention of women in non-traditional roles in the mining and resource sector.

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SMIC News - December 2019

smic news december 2019SMIC News Issue 58 including info on the 167th General Meeting, Upcoming Events, Industry Reports, Surveying Education Reports, Surveying & SIS Traineeships and the SMIC Training & Scholarship Program.

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AIMS Extends "A Life Without Limits" Program Support

a life without limits logo 180x160AIMS has extended its support for the "A Life Without Limits" program into WA through the WAIS (Western Australian Institution of Surveyors).

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AIMS Presents at Otago University School of Surveying

Otago University School of SurveyingAn AIMS representative has presented at New Zealand's Otago University in promoting the career opportunities as a mine surveyor.

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SMIC News - August 2019

smic news issue 57SMIC News Issue 57 including info on the 166th General Meeting plus the 31st Annual General Meeting, upcoming events, industry reports, surveying education reports, cartographica, surveying and SIS traineeships and the SMIC training and scholarship program.

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AIMS/RMIT Scholarship Awarded

2019 rmit 2 180x160The Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors,in partnership with the RMIT University in Melbourne, has awarded it's scholarship in Mine Surveying to Jonathan Blowfield.

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SMIC News - April 2019

smic news issue 56SMIC News Issue 56 including info on the 165th General Meeting plus industry reports, surveying education reports, surveying and SIS traineeships and the SMIC training and scholarship program.

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Latest Deswik module creates survey solids from scan data in no time

Deswik.AdvSurveyLEADING global mining software development company Deswik has released an innovative product designed to handle large amounts of scanned survey point data and automate the process of creating valid solids from it.

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