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Retired Affiliates Now Welcome as 'Retired Members'

membership policyThe AIMS membership policy has now been amended to accept retired affiliates.

Previously the policy only accepted retired members from those who were previously full members. This issue was brought to light by one of the long standing affiliate members of AIMS who was surprised by this policy restriction upon his retirement. Despite wishing to remain connected with AIMS as a retired member through his retirement he found the rules excluded 'retired member' as a discounted renewal option, only offering him the full-price affiliate renewal as an ongoing renewal option through retirement.

This seemed unfair and was brought to the attention of the AIMS Board who has now approved and implemented an amendment to the policy to welcome all affiliates into the retired member level upon their retirement, subject to the same eligibility rules as retiring full members.

Affiliates are now very welcome to stay on as retired members!

Variations to membership levels are only available to currently financial members. If you require a change to your old membership level you will need to renew for the current year first (on your old level) and then upgrade your level for free.


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