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CPD Submissions Closing

cpd returns 180CPD submissions to the AIMS CPD Panel (ie CPD Returns, where applicable) are closing. Here is a message from the AIMS CPD Panel Chairman.

If you haven't already submitted a CPD Return please do so ASAP.

If you have submitted your CPD Return and haven't received a CPD Summary Report please email me

This year registration renewal is via the individual web link emailed by BOSSI on Thursday 1 July 2021 at 11pm.

Note: If required multiple CPD Summary Reports can be uploaded when renewing registration.

For the 1 July 2020 - 30 June 2021 CPD Period the AIMS CPD Panel assessed 182 events and verified 114 CPD Returns and issued 114 CPD Summary Reports. Of the CPD Summary Reports issued at the end of the CPD Period 2020-21 only 1 Conditional Compliance application is being submitted to BOSSI. Quite an achievement considering the impact that
the COVID19 Pandemic has had on live events.

Thank you to all the surveyors that have submitted CPD Returns the majority of which provided appropriate proof of attendance in their CPD Returns.

Edition 11 of the BOSSI CPD Determination has been released and comes into effect 1 July 2021 i.e. for the new CPD Period ending 30 June 2022. In response to the change in how events are delivered i.e. notwithstanding the pandemic live events are now being hosted electronically i.e Streamed, ZOOM, Teams, etc will now be considered to be the same whether these are seminars, meetings or webinars so long as proof of attendance for these live events from the provider or convenor is adequate. With this the previous removal of the cap
on webinars (in response to the impact of the COVID19 Pandemic) will no longer be relevant.

A more thorough explanation of the new BOSSI Determination will be included on this website early next month after the BOSSI CPD Committee Meeting 29 July 2021.

Alan Mellor
AIMS CPD Panel Chairman

23 July 2021

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