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AIMS Success in QLD Competency Updates

AIMS representatives recently attended the June 2015 meeting of the Coal MSH Advisory Committee to discuss recognised competencies.

AIMS representatives have been meeting with both the Queensland Coal and Metal Advisory Committees for the last few years to discuss mine surveying matters. We attended a recent meeting of the Queensland Coal MSH Advisory Committee in June to discuss updating their recognised competencies for mine surveying.

Mick Harris and Chris Hayes (standing in for Callum McNaughton) discussed competencies reflected in the Advisory Committee’s competency requirements that can no longer be administered or evaluated by either the inspectorate (Board of Examiners) or the SBQ. Discussions included having a Mine Surveyor on the Board of Surveyors, and suggested changes to the table of Competencies Recognised by the CMSHAC which were agreed to by the Committee.

It was agreed that an approach to the Minister would be made by the Committee regarding modification to the CMSHA99 s67 to change mining competency A to UC, and changes in the QLD Surveyors’ Act so that the Surveyor’s Board has a permanent position for a Mine Surveyor.

AIMS were invited to put a submission to this Committee of any requested changes relating to mine surveying and drafting in mining legislation and the recognised standard for consideration in the upcoming legislative review.  The Committee also wants to receive a copy of the AIMS E-newsletter and invited us to submit a yearly presentation to the Committee.

We were successful in having the required competencies updated for QLD Coal Mine Surveyors. A similar effort is being made to achieve this with the Metalliferous Advisory Council. AIMS members are asked to take note of row 16 in the updated competency table at

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