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AIMS CPD Panel Update

trevor collins 180x160AIMS CPD Panel member Trevor Collins is resigning from the Panel at the end of the current CPD Period. Trevor began on the Panel in June 2005, this making him the longest serving member on the Panel.

Myself (Alan Mellor), Karl Harisson and Joel Wooby join with all other registered mine surveyors in thanking Trevor for his outstanding service to the profession over this long period. Trevor will be attending the AIMS Annual Conference in Sydney this year, if you get the opportunity have a beer or wine with him and please thank him in person.

Anyone who would like to join the AIMS CPD Panel please contact me. Ideally we would like someone currently working or has experience at an open cut mine or metalliferous mine. All the current members of the Panel are mine surveyors at underground coal mines, ideally I would like to balance things out to get a more diverse range of options.

The CPD Events / Returns that are submitted to the Panel are discussed and assessed by the Panel members via email and telephone, so no travelling is required. June of each year is the busiest time but mine surveyors have been submitting CPD Returns earlier, spreading the workload, making our job easier.

If you are looking for a rewarding experience and want to give something back to the profession please contact me.

To date the AIMS CPD Panel has received about 50 CPD Returns and issued the same number of CPD Summary Reports to registered mine surveyors.

Last year we issued 106 CPD Certificates and I am expecting about the same this year.

If your are yet to submit your CPD Return or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Alan Mellor
AIMS CPD Panel Chairman & BOSSI CPD Committee Member

Phone: (02) 6354 8702
Mobile: 0428 898 940