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Introducing the 2019 AIMS Mentoring Program

aims mentoring programThe AIMS WA Subcommittee has recently released a brochure on the AIMS mentoring pilot program being launched in 2019.

The program invites recently employed Graduates or Mine Surveyors new to the industry to apply to the mentoring program where they are paired with appropriate mentors, meeting on a monthly basis for six months.

It is anticipated that the program will provide mentees with a better understanding of the pathway to authorisation, as well as working on personal development goals enhancing their strengths and identifying areas of improvement. Mentees will have gained a better understanding of best practice in mine surveying and modern technology and will benefit from a broadening of their network of experienced Mine Surveyors they can call on for advice.

Mentors in turn also benefit by passing on their knowledge and experience onto the next generation, whilst building on their own management and coaching skills.

On completion of the program there will be a networking event for all Mentees, Mentors and Sponsors to get together.

It is a fantastic initiative and AIMS appreciates the work put in so far by the WA Sub-committee (primarily Dan Ward with help from Shane Watson and Brett Grocock) in getting this plan off the ground.

There is already talk of the possibility of expanding this great idea beyond WA.

There will be more to come on the AIMS Mentoring Program.