Blackwater Mine 50 years of Surveyors

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Hi Kerry,
How are you going these days?
I worked at Sth Blackwater Mines Open Cut and Underground (LalemanNo 1 ) from Dec 1980 until November 1984 which I then moved to Curragh Mine.
I worked with Robert Sinclair, Les Bunt, John Fee, Chief Surveyor Tony Jones, Geoff Burns and Raelene Glasgow who was our draft lady.



Graham Campbell
Registered Mine Surveyor
Mining UM
Blair Athol Coal Mine
PO Box 363
Clermont QLD 4721
M +61 0418 325 408

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4 years 10 months ago #130 by Kerry Matthews
Blackwater Mine 50 years of Surveyors was created by Kerry Matthews
BMA Blackwater mine began operations in July 1967 with 50 year celebrations planned for latter this year. I am putting together a list of every mine surveyor (~ 90 odd) that has worked at Blackwater mine since 1966, I have most of the names but don't have dates so instead of being approx. if anybody is on the following list or if anybody knows anybody on the following list and would like to confirm their time at Blackwater or South Blackwater or Clutha then please feel free to do so. This also applies to past Thiess South Blackwater mine & Clutha surveyors as well of which I have most but probably not all the names? This includes all mine surveyors, chain persons, contractors, graduates, cadets etc who worked in the mine survey offices. Anybody not on the list then I either have your details or don't know about you so if in doubt then please respond anyway to confirm.

Please forward details to email or reply to this thread.

John McNulty
Belinda Scott
Stuart Clarke
Chris Matthews
Mick Harris
Graham Blueitt
Ann-Maree Erickson
Lessa Jones
Robert Walters
Troy Kamin
Dane Swemmer
Michael Bailey
Jack Speed
Wayne Short
Dave Wood
David Stacey
Travis Stanley
Alena Summers
David Williams
Damian Slepikowski
Rod Emery
Sydney Corvin
S. Tonnison
Peter List
Martin Keilbach
Stuart Jacka
Glen Eye
G. Frankcom
John Fee
Clay Jacobson
Les Bunt


Kerry Matthews

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