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7 years 1 month ago #78 by Callum McNaughton
Replied by Callum McNaughton on topic Surpac Shape Files
From what i have seen the shp files generated from Surpac doesn't meet any of the requirements for submission in NSW. The issues i can identify are as follows.
1. No ability to supply shp files in 3D.
2. No ability to export any attribute data from any format (including descriptors)
3. No ability in Surpac to create, add or modify attribute data/fields.

These can be done in numerous other packages used by metal mines and i remember it taking a bit of pushing with some software companies to provide this for surveyors in coal. I sure we can a whole enable other companies to do the same.


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7 years 4 months ago #75 by Chris Moy
Replied by Chris Moy on topic Surpac Shape Files
Sorry, not a reply to Jon directly but a note of encouragement to all Surpac users to lend their support to have this function addressed.

3D shape files are a current requirement in NSW and they are being promoted as the future format for the other states.

This file generation was one of the topics discussed at the AIMS Conference in Sydney last year and should be a straight forward matter for the current software programs

There is an issue at the moment with Surpac that requires the user to purchase a separate program

If all users request the shape file function to be fixed hopefully there will be some development from Gemcom


Chris Moy

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  • Jon Hohnke
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7 years 9 months ago #66 by Jon Hohnke
Surpac Shape Files was created by Jon Hohnke
With the recent changes requiring shape files to be submitted in 3D format, I've found that Surpac now doesn't have the ability to generate these files in the required format.
Surpac has 2 ways to convert the digital data to Shape files as required by Lands and Information in NSW.
1. “File>Export>String to ARC Info Shape Files”
a. This is the old method and has the ability to include all of the headings for all of the required attributes as required, but will only export the file in 2D format.
2. “File>Save as>Arc Info Shape Files”
a. This is the new method and exports the file in 3D format, but loses the ability to enter all of the headings for all of the attributes.

I have been liaising with Gemcom in trying to get this resolved, and although they realise that it is a legal requirement to supply the data in this format, they don’t have a fix for this at the present time.

To lend some support to requests to Gemcom to fix this function, can I get some indication on who is currently using Surpac and will need this function rectified to submit data.

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