Accuracy of Downholes Surveys using Gyrosmart Tool

8 years 1 month ago #57 by Alan Mellor
I was wondering if any Mine Surveyors has experience with boreholes or shafts where the drilling company has used Gyrosmart survey tool for measuring the final location of the the bottom of the hole.
Usually a couple of surveys are done to the bottom of the hole to verify the accuracy of these measurements.
Has anyone actually surveyed the location of the bottom of the boreholes after they have been intersected with the mine workings.
The drilling companies make all sorts of claims about the accuracy of surveyed location of the bottom of the hole but I am not sure if these have been confirmed by Mine Surveyors.
The project at my mine includes six surface to seam "services" boreholes (air, electricity, water, etc) into planned roadways at a depth of 400m.
The holes are finished and the Downhole Surveys done but what accuracy should I really expect when we intersect them underground ?

Any advise from anyone with experience with this would be appreciated.

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