Authorised Mine Surveyor leave

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Authorised Mine Surveyor leave was created by Rodney Baxter
Is there any documentation on the requirements for a coal mine to have leave coverage for the registered mine surveyor. By RS10 there is a requirement for supervision, so is there a period of time (AL or LSL) that necessitates the mine be covered by another registered mine surveyor?

The registered mine surveyor would still need to complete the statutory mine plans prior to the end of the year.

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5 years 3 months ago - 5 years 3 months ago #77 by Kerry Matthews
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There is nothing specific in RS10 but the closest you will get to this one is s58 (CMSHA99) considering the "Registered Mine Surveyor" would/should be part of the management structure documented under s55 but obviously this is a bit of a grey area when referring to senior positions?

One would expect any SSE would have to consider appointing another competent person to cover the absence of a senior person listed in the management structure especially an appointed person?

As you would be aware the SSE can be absent for up to 14 days without another SSE having to be appointed. My take on this is AL is typically not an issue considering under s58 there is no mention of what time period comprises "temporarily absent" but LSL would become quite a different issue and would become more of an issue for all parties for lengthy absences.
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