Ladders and alternatives

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Ladders and alternatives was created by Adrian Johnston
This is a question related to underground coal surveyors using ladders to access the roof:

I'm getting increasing pressure from above to implement an alternative to elevated work (below 1.8m). Our current practice involves a baileys single sided aluminium/fibreglass ladder (approved for our underground use, of course). We have recently trialled a platform ladder which provides a trade-off of 'safe' access to the roof against the increased weight of carrying and setting up.

Its important to note that any access via any manbasket/ewp underground or surface at our site working above 1.8m requires working at heights training and permit controls.

What do you do at your mine site? What would you consider to be the best practice that could be implemented?

Are there any hard rock surveyors that can offer up their experience to weigh ours against?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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