3D Satellite Topography Data

7 years 1 month ago #81 by Lee Hayes
Replied by Lee Hayes on topic 3D Satellite Topography Data
Hi Andrew,

We will shortly be undertaking a trial of satellite captured imagery and surface topograhy.
The company is called Sandpit Innovation, they have a contract with Lockheed Martin who actually capture and process the data.

Contact number is 08 9325 4342.

Been through all that s**t in Libya with equipment getting seized, this technology would be ideal.


Lee Hayes

Thiess PTY Ltd

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7 years 1 month ago #80 by Andrew Loomes
3D Satellite Topography Data was created by Andrew Loomes
Need advice regarding obtaining accurate 3D satellite derived topography data for the mine site I currently work at.
I understand there are companies that can provide such data.

The project area is in a remote area of the Eastern Desert in Egypt.

The terrain is very steep and mountainous.

There are no domestic aerial photography companies.
And please don't even think of suggesting the latest and greatest drone application. :)
My CMS was held up in customs for 7 months while I was trying to convince authorities of the true nature of the instruments application. A drone? Forget it!...
Laser Scanner? Nearly impossible. I say nearly because I am going to have a crack at importing one next year.

So anyway...I have some serious steep and mountainous country that needs to be picked up.

I'm thinking satellites?

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