Deswick or Amine or Surpac ?

2 years 10 months ago #159 by Myles McEneny
Replied by Myles McEneny on topic Deswick or Amine or Surpac ?
Hey Loomsey

I have attached the 4.11 Tutorial for Underground Metals Tutorial, also a SWOT Analysis and Justification, (not sure they have worked?)

From my personal experience, we are a similar size mine to yours and we changed from Surpac to Deswik, Its been a game changer in terms of Interaction between departments, ease of use and database management, its basically replaced all the macro/FlexiSurv/3rd party software and incorporated in as all in one package,

We had Stephen Rowles come to our site and in 4 days we made the switch and have been using ever since, its quicker, cleaner and better at Data management than Surpac

Feel free to give me a email/call for talk through if you need

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3 years 2 days ago #158 by Noel Causerano
Replied by Noel Causerano on topic Deswick or Amine or Surpac ?
Hey Buddy,

Long time no hear, hope your doing well!

No idea about Amine, but Surpac is probably all that you would need for a small operation. It's been around for a long time with many places having their own customised TCL macros to do different things. There are a few third party software vendors, such as FlexiSurv that can get you up and running very quickly. Some of the Cons of Surpac is the package is losing traction to the likes of Deswick and Vulcan, the interface is outdated and it struggles with large data sets, in a nutshell it's a dying breed.

Deswick on the other hand, is relatively new, they have taken the best of the best from different packages including 12D from the civil sector, and are actively trying to put the best product on the market. It can quite easily handle large data sets including scanned point clouds. Making in house customisations are tricky however because Deswick wants to develop your ideas and place them as functions within the software. Mount Isa Mines (Copper) I believe to be the first in the country to take on board the Deswick MDM (Mining Data Management) system which is great for keeping one central data set, and essentially locks down file security to each user. The Deswick Scheduling module comes into its own for large organizations. Deswick is definitely the way of the future.

My advice to you, if your able to justify a higher cost, then Deswick is the way you should be proceeding. There is no point learning a new package that is on the way out...

Noel Causerano
Senior Mine Surveyor
Reg Surv (Mining) – NSW (BOSSI ID:9320)
Reg Surv (Eng, MinUM, MinO) – QLD (SBQ ID:1248)

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3 years 3 days ago #157 by Andrew Loomes
Deswick or Amine or Surpac ? was created by Andrew Loomes
This goes out to all the HardRock-stars out there.

Can someone please save me the hassle of working thru the various Pros and Cons regarding hardrock underground survey software.

We are a remote, medium sized underground gold mine looking to change the survey software we are using.

Any comments or advice would be most welcome.



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