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Updated as at April 2013


Name/ Nickname: Chris Moy….Chrissy
Age:  46

Family? (Marital status?)  Married with 4 kids.

Current job/Role?
Chief Surveyor at Rix’s Creek and Bloomfield.

What’s the best advice your Parents ever gave to you?
Just do your best.

What’s your claim to fame? (most famous person you’ve met /most famous thing you’ve done?)
Will have to work on that one, nothing spectacular yet.

What’s your personal motto?
Don’t stuff it.

What makes you happy?
When the guesses work.

What makes you angry?

Describe your ideal woman and what makes a woman beautiful?
Have to say my wife, especially if she reads this!

What's the most romantic thing you've done?
Honeymoon in the Maldives.

Career History

Career to date?
1986-now Surveyor at Bloomfield and Rixs Creek.

Career Influences?
Paul Cant and Reg Crick.

Career highlight (biggest achievement)? 
Some of the closes underground with the old gear.

Career shocker?
Still coming.

Career goals? 
Retire happy and healthy.

Survey Work / People

What is the best piece of survey equipment/technology/software that you have used & why?
Trimble SPS882 when used with air conditioning.

What is the oldest piece of survey equipment that you have used?
Hilger and Watts 20 second microptic still got it in the back of the office.

Who's the strangest/funniest/unorthodox survey character that you've met so far (and why) ?
A man we called Bird, two theodolites down before he moved on.

What's the most contentious survey issue in your workplace at the moment?
(eg. Hours of work, $$, career path, poor planning/scheduling, technology/equipment improvements, field experience, housing, training …???)
With over 20 years for the same company things aren’t too bad.

 If you were the boss for a day - list 3 things you would change?
Out with the Hilux, GPS on all the dozers/ drills & less hours.

APART from $$, what factor attracts you to work in the mining industry as opposed to other survey disciplines?
I still enjoy it.

Would you recommend a career in surveying to a grade 12 school kid?  If not, what career would you recommend?
Yes, if they don’t mind maths & enjoy an outdoor job that makes you think.


How do you relax?  Play with the kids.

What sports do you play/ watch? Squash.

What are your other hobbies outside work?  Will watch nearly any kind of sport.

Where would be your ideal retirement location? Somewhere on the coast
Favourite food/drink?  Anything and heaps of it.

Favourite movie? Pulp Fiction

Finally, if you were down to your last $10 what would you spend it on? 
Ice creams for the wife and kids.




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