Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics


All members of the Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors Limited (AIMS) will be governed by the Rules of the Institute.

This code represents the standard of professional conduct to which members of the Institute must adhere. Any member whose conduct is contrary to this code shall be liable to reprimand, suspension or expulsion.

NOTE: AIMS membership is only available to individuals.
It is the responsibility of every member to report to the Secretary any apparent breach of this code for investigation.


For the purposes of this code, the following definitions shall apply:-

  • Institute - means AIMS - Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors Limited.
  • Member - means a person accepted as a member of the Institute in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.
  • Professional Conduct - means the adherence to a standard of behaviour befitting a professional mine surveyor and Institute member, at all times, while engaged in a professional capacity.
  • Professional Misconduct - means behaviour by a member of AIMS which in the opinion of the Institute falls short of or directly contravenes professional conduct.
  • Client - means an individual who or an organisation which enters into an agreement with a member, for the provision of professional services on a specific project or projects.
  • Employer - means an individual, partnership or corporation which engages a member as a salaried employee.
  • Secretary - means the person appointed from time to time as secretary of the Institute under the Australian Securities Commission regulations.


Members shall:

  • Uphold the standards and dignity of the profession and the Institute.
  • Conform to the Institute’s decisions on matters concerning ethics.
  • provide professional services of the highest and most accurate standard.
  • maintain a high standard of integrity.
  • compete fairly with other members, by promoting the principle of selection of mine surveyors by clients upon the basis of merit, and not on the basis of fees alone.
  • conduct themselves in a manner which is not derogatory to their professional character nor likely to lessen the confidence of the public in the Institute or the profession nor bring either into disrepute.
  • promote the advancement of the mine surveying profession.
  • inform their clients or employers if an assignment requires qualifications and/or experience outside their field of competence.
  • not falsify or misrepresent their qualifications, experience and prior responsibility.
  • neither maliciously nor carelessly do anything to injure, directly or indirectly, the reputation, prospects or business of other members.
  • not advertise and/or promote their business in an indiscreet manner, or in a manner which is in conflict with any of the foregoing responsibilities.
  • where holding themselves out to the public as practicing mine surveyors, have and maintain appropriate professional liability insurance.
  • undertake a prescribed minimum level of Continuing Professional Development activities, and certify their compliance to the Institute when required by the Institute.

May 2003

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