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Name/ Nickname: Tinos Mutyiri
Age:  37 (as in April 2014)

Family? (Marital status?)
Married to beautiful Lilian, with three beautiful daughters Maka (8+), Chido (6+) and Kundi (4+)

Current job/Role?
Nominated Mining Surveyor – Ulan West Operations – Glencore Xstrata - Coal Assets Australia Group

What’s the best advice your Parents ever gave to you?
Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability.

What’s your claim to fame? (most famous person you’ve met /most famous thing you’ve done?)
Supervising Mine Surveyors and their help towards my mine surveyor registration. Because of them I was able to be presented with the Clarence Smith Jeffries Award for the best mining surveying candidate at the 2010 NSW Certificate of Competency Assessments in Sydney NSW. This was an achievement for my Supervising Mine Surveyors and myself because I was the first one to be awarded this from hard rock mining, first non-Australian citizen and was the first Zimbabwean Registered Mine Surveyor in NSW (record up for grabs after obtaining Australian Citizenship later on).

What’s your personal motto?
When the situation gets tough, get tougher

What makes you happy?
People who honour their words and the fact that God loves me and will always love me.

What makes you angry?
Hard to make me angry, but people who do not honour their word get very close.

What's the most romantic thing you've done?
Will remain a secret between Lilian and myself, but happened in Scotland.

Career History

  • Graduated 2001 from University of Zimbabwe, Harare
  • Land Surveyor In Training - Surveyor General’s Department Harare, Ministry of Lands
  • Topographical Surveyor and Underground services utilities tracing – Mason Land Surveys, Scotland
  • Mine Surveyor – Glencore - CSA Mine, Cobar NSW
  • Senior Mine Surveyor/Registered Mining Surveyor – Newgold - Peak Gold Mines, Cobar NSW
  • Currently Nominated Mine Surveyor – GlencoreXstrata Coal Assets Australia Group, NSW Ulan West Operations

Career to date?
Nominated Mine Surveyor – Glencore Xstrata Coal Assets Australia, Ulan West Operations

Career Influences?
Onwell Chikuhuhu, Tichafa Chakurira, Alistair Taylor, Callum McNaughton, Paul Kerr, Tom Williams, Mario Fantin, Grant Lord, Derrin Lee, Steve Smith, Jarrod James, Chris Moy, Phil Orr, Peter Sergeant... aah the list goes on so better stop there.

Career highlight (biggest achievement)?
Yet to come, I hope, but holing 6.5km Longwall gate roads spot on, Clarence Smith Jeffries award recipient  and 1st Zimbabwean Registered Mining Surveyor in NSW may be worth mentioning.

Career shocker?
Changing a flat battery for 1103 doing topo surveys in Scotland in snowing weather and the battery case smashed to the ground and could not continue with the job and was ~85miles away from office...

Career goals? 
To be a partner and/or owner of a survey consulting company.

Survey Work / People

What is the best piece of survey equipment/technology/software that you have used & why?
The first time I used a digital leica-wild TC1600 total station from leica- wild T2 with EDM mounted on top. When Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) was introduced.

What is the oldest piece of survey equipment that you have used?
Wild T2

Who's the strangest/funniest/unorthodox survey character that you've met so far (and why) ?
Tom Williams, most people know why.

What's the most contentious survey issue in your workplace at the moment?(eg. Hours of work, $$, career path, poor planning/scheduling, technology/equipment improvements, field experience, housing, training …???)
Number of Surveyors vs workload.  ~800m development per week with only 3 surveyors serving 24/7 coal operation. Failure to understand what surveyors do apart from “hanging up sights” as they say it.

If you were the boss for a day - list 3 things you would change?
1. Increase numbers in Survey team.
2. Train Management on survey functions and
3. Sack miner drivers who drive offline because the laser is not set properly.

APART from $$, what factor attracts you to work in the mining industry as opposed to other survey disciplines?
Good networking with mine surveyors in the mining industry. If you ring someone, it’s easy they will refer you to someone who had the similar problem and how they solved it.

Would you recommend a career in surveying to a grade 12 school kid?  If not, what career would you recommend? 
Oh Yes definitely.



How do you relax?
BBQ at home with wife and kids and in the park with family.

What sports do you play/ watch.
Love to watch English soccer.

What are your other hobbies outside work? 
Fellowship with other Christians

Where would be your ideal retirement location?
Masvingo, Zimbabwe.

Favourite food/drink?
Sadza and chicken

Favourite movie?
Don’t have patience to finish watching a movie.

Finally, if you were down to your last $10 what would you spend it on?
Send it to someone in needy in Zimbabwe. They can buy much more than what I can buy in Australia. If not, well, lunch orders for my daughters will do.



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